The Neighborhood Safety Alliance of Seattle (the “Alliance”) is a wide-ranging group of concerned citizens who are committed to advocating for the public safety and health concerns throughout Seattle’s neighborhoods.

Seattle is facing a crisis – a crisis whose roots stretch back decades. Our city has turned into a dumping ground for the drug addicts who live illegally in tents and RVs. The property crime rate is the highest in the nation, and our city officials continually hold meetings in an effort to figure out what to do. Our streets are littered with needles, sewage, and garbage. The Duwamish River has raw sewage flowing into it from illegal tent sites. Twelve years ago Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels introduced the “Ten Year Plan to end homelessness. Today (12 years later) it is worse than ever.

For those living in the streets, there is a crisis of shelter, mental health services, substance abuse, and the hope of being lifted out of poverty and addiction. For the neighborhoods, there is a crisis of property crime, health concerns and the lack of faith that our city leaders will do the right thing for ALL citizens of Seattle.

The NSAS will show you the reality of what is happening in our city and what the city is proposing to do doing to to combat this citywide crisis. We will highlight council proposals such as safe injection sites, Navigation Centers, additional shelters, and how successful or unsuccessful they are. We will also watch where the money is being spent on this crisis and hold the city accountable for keeping us safe, healthy, and raising people out of poverty and drug addiction.