Video Segment 1

3:03 Opening Remarks

11:05 Meeting Rules

13:30 N Seattle Representative

15:20 Queen Anne Representative

18:38 Ballard Representative

25:30 Magnolia Representative

Video Segment 2

0:00 Scott Lindsay, Mayor’s Office

6:54 SPD, Asst. Chief Wilske

10:30 Sola Plumacher, Human Services Dept.

16:10 Harley Lever, Commentary and Survey Results

21:00 Neighborhood Questions for City & SPD

21:40 Question for City Attorney

25:00 Question for Mayor/Council

26:30 Sally Bagshaw’s response

27:50 Mike O’Brien joins in, Baghsaw’s response continues

31:02 O’Brien responds

Video Segment 3

0:00 Question for Mayor (who is not present)

2:37 SPD responds

3:30 O’Brien responds

4:24 Question for O’Brien

5:53 O’Brien responds

8:50 Magnolia Private Patrol officer requests to speak (it was decided to stick with planned agenda and continue)

9:49 Recap of “Our Old Normal” vs. “Our New Normal”

14:43 Proposed Solution – distinguish between homeless and criminals; moratorium on illegal RV parking; supply, safe legal RV parking

18:28 O’Brien responds

19:48 Bagshaw responds

20:36 Recap of options

20:49 Request for commitment from council and mayor

24:18 Follow-up Actions and Thank Yous