The Neighborhood Safety Alliance has just learned that all clean-ups of illegal tent encampments and RVs has been stopped.   Our city has been trying to keep up with the garbage that is left by the illegal squatters, but that has ended, for now.  This action by the ACLU (and a growing number of city council members) will also affect our sidewalks and parks which will have huge impacts on all of us.  Human waste,  needles, and everything that has historically been attached to this illegal activity will not be cleaned up.  The effect on businesses and residences of the city will be enormous.  This is a true PUBLIC SAFETY CRISIS and we need to let our city representatives know that this cannot continue.

The NSA is sympathetic to those who are less fortunate.  We don’t want ANYONE living on the streets or in toxic RVs.  Nobody wins with the ACLU demands. There needs to be an ability to address this without taking these extreme measures.  Please contact your city representative today and demand they continue to clean up the garbage and human waste that these tents leave on a daily basis until REAL solutions are implemented.

Contact your Council Member TODAY!

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