Statistics matter. Facts matter. Below are links to reports, statistics, and information provided by the City of Seattle with regard to issues that affect residents, including statistics on demographics, crime, homelessness, parking, and neighborhood safety measures.

Reports & Resources


  • Performance Measures
  • The City’s annual performance measures report what the City is doing to achieve the City Council goals.
  • 2016 Population and Demographics Survey
  • This survey provides a unique picture of local communities by providing information on indicators such as household income levels, age and education level of a population, race and ethnic makeup of a community, and how a population has changed over time
  • Fire Department Strategic Plan
  • An organizational review of the City of Seattle Fire Department is captured in this plan, including recommendations.
  • Community Resources
  • A list of health, human service, and community services agencies with webpage links and phone numbers.
  • Family and Education Levy
  • The Families and Education Levy is a property tax levy approved by Seattle voters in 2011, with funding awarded from school year 2012-13 through 2018-19, administered by the City’s Office for Education in collaboration with the Seattle School District, and accountable to a community Levy Oversight Committee and the Seattle City Council.
  • City of Seattle Budget
  • The City Council approves the budget which sets the levels of services and ensures expenditures equal revenues.
  • Public Records Request (Online Portal)
  • The City seeks to be responsive to requests for public records. This online tool lets you submit your request electronically.
  • SPD Crime Dashboard
  • The crime dashboard gives Seattle residents access to the same statistical information on incidents of property and violent crime used by SPD commanders, officers and analysts to direct police patrols.